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Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of Tin Heart with friends, family and bookish peeps at Dymocks Collins Street in Melbourne.

Now, I wish I could say I knew what I was doing the second time around and that I wasn’t the least bit anxious but my mother taught me not to lie… That said, Louise does an AMAZING job of hosting events at Dymocks Collins Street so I really had nothing to worry about.

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So many lovely people turned up to watch me in conversation with Aida Ismail, the very talented 16-year-old former Inky judge and current legend. When I saw Aida on stage at Reading Matters last year I knew she would be the perfect person to launch Tin Heart and I was right (I mean, she scored louder cheers than I did so …).

Aida came up with a bunch of great questions and it was so much fun (even if I did have to deal with heckles from my own mother). I vote we make sure every YA book is launched by a teen from here on in #teenstothefront.

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Once again my lovely writers’ group organised the cake – this time around they surprised me with colour-coordinated cupcakes. I’m reliably informed that they tasted amazingly good, though – and this has to be the saddest news from the night – I didn’t get to taste one *insert crying face emoji here*. I was too busy signing books and talking to everyone to grab one for myself and the one that had been specially set aside for me by a friend was accidentally left at the store (I mean, that’s what she says happened but if those cakes were as delicious as they looked then I wouldn’t put it past her to have shovelled it down her own gob when I wasn’t looking). But I did get to go home with the biggest, prettiest bunch of flowers given to me by the lovely ladies at Penguin so that’s a win for me.

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The night went by in a blur but I honestly had an amazing time and I just want thank everyone again for turning up and helping me launch my second-born child into the stratosphere – and to those who couldn’t make it in person but followed along on social media, I salute you.

This book is deeply personal to me and I love the characters so much (please can Pip come to life Pinocchio-style because who wouldn’t want a little brother like him?). I really hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again for the lovely launch. Can’t wait to do it all again in Sydney!



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