Want to know where you can meet me? Here’s a handy list of events I’ll be attending…


October 5  The Great Debate: Tropes and Dreams
A (not very serious) debate arguing: are tropes in YA fiction essential for compelling storytelling. Lili Wilkinson, Chris Miles and I will be arguing the affirmative, hopefully beating Nicole Hayes, Andrew McDonald and Michael Earp on the negative side. The debate will take place at The Wolf’s Lair, starting at 6pm.

tropes    yalitfest-poster

October 8 – Nunawading Library YA (Lit)Fest
A day of YA mini-festival fun including workshops, talks, giveaways and donut-eating with Ellie Marney, Lili Wilkinson, Danielle Binks, Floss the Fangirl and me! Bookings at www.spydus.com/events.

November 19Sisters in Crime: SheKilda 3: A one-day crime spree
No, I’m not going on a crime spree through Melbourne but I am talking on a panel with Ellie Marney, Fleur Ferris and Nova Wheatman on the topic of ‘YA vs Adult Crime: Where do you draw the line?’ Details here: http://www.sistersincrime.org.au/shekilda-3-a-one-day-crime-spree/ 


March – TBC
A very exciting event is happening in March but I can’t talk about it yet! Stay tuned …

May 18–19Port Macquarie #LitFest2444
An exciting new writing festival based in Port Macquarie (yes please!) and I’ll be a keynote speaker (eeek!). There are a HEAP of wonderful events to attend so keep an eye open for further details.