where the shoreline used to be

The Point

Title: ‘The Point’ in Where the Shoreline Used to Be (Anthology)
Published: March 2016
Publisher: Penguin Australia
ISBN: 9780143573227

‘The Point is where you go to get high, make out or kill yourself…’

Susannah is the other girl: the sidekick, the friend, the butt of every joke. She’s the girl least likely to succeed, to get the guy, to tell her two-faced best friend to go to hell.

But what happens at The Point one summer night changes her life forever.

A short story about friendship, summer, boys and revenge.

About the anthology…

A diverse collection of poetry, short stories, song lyrics, novel extracts and illustrations from some of the most important creators today.

This anthology for upper high school students follows on from the success of the collection Things a Map Won’t Show You, which was aimed at younger readers. Susan La Marca and Pam Macintyre have gathered an exciting mix of original and pre-published works that cover themes of Indigenous issues, friendship, migrants in Australia, environmental impact, dystopia, sci-fi adventure and death.

The anthology includes original stories from: Davina Bell, Meg Caddy, Shivaun Plozza, Peta Freestone, Scot Gardner, Barry Jonsberg, Meg McKinlay (with illustration by Kyle Hughes-Odgers), Gayle Kennedy, Shaun Tan, Felicity Castagna, Amie Kaufman and Leanne Hall. Other contributors are Margo Lanagan, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Andrea Hirata, Arwa Abousamra, Trudy White, Alice Pung, Tony Birch, Wil Wagner & Lizzie Wagner, Courtney Barnett and Kate Miller-Heidke.